8 most striking beaches in Vietnam


BNS Travel would like to introduce 8 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, according to Lonely Planet, a leading English magazine as suggestions for your summer vacations.

The Emerald island of Phu Quoc

Located in the sea of Kien Giang, Phu Quoc is liberally sprinkled with picture-perfect white sand beaches and cloaked in dense, impenetrable jungle. Phu Quoc island covers the largest area with magnificent beaches and high-end resorts.

– Climate:

Phu Quoc island is sunny and windy all year round. It is very suitable for swimming and diving. Remember to bring hats, sunscreen and bikini when visiting the island.

– Transportation:

+ By boat: You can take a speedboat from Rach Gia or Ha Tien (Kien Giang) to Phu Quoc. From Rach Gia, the boat departs at 8:00a.m and takes about two and a half hours. Price: 400,000VND.

From Ha Tien, the boat also departs at 8:00a.m in about one and a half hours. Price: 200,000VND. You can take Duong Dong Savana’s boats here.

+ Airplane: In addition to Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air is going to launch its daily flights between Hanoi and Phu Quoc from May 28th, 2014 with 7 departures per week. The flights will depart from Hanoi at 13:10 and arrive at Phu Quoc at 15:40; from Phu Quoc at 16:10 and to Hanoi at 18:40.

The island is opened more roads linking Duong Dong and An Thoi towns to tourist sites such as Sao Beach, Thom Beach, Ham Ninh fishing village and Ganh Dau. You can hire a motorbike to travel on the island at 120,000VND/day. Taxis on the island are also served at reasonable price.

– Accommodation:

+ Normal hotels are priced from 250,000VND.

+ You can stay at classy resorts such as Eden Phu Quoc Resort, covering 9000m2 with French architectural styles, about 5km from Duong Dong town. Price: from 2,800,000VND – 3,200,000VND/seaview room.

– Famous attractions:

+ Black Pepper Garden: Phu Quoc’s pepper is famous for its deep flavor. After touring around pepper gardens, you can buy some for gifting your friends and family.

+ Nguyen Trung Truc Temple: The temple was built to worship the national hero, who deserve well of the country. On every August 28th in lunar month, local people in Phu Quoc gather to the temple for his death anniversary.

+ Ganh Dau Cape: The cape in the Northwest of the island enchants guests with its pristine nature. Ganh Dau owns a 500-meter crescent beach, where guests can enjoy fantastic seafood.

+ Witnessing Sunrise at Dinh Cau: It is the natural stone plates as a spectacular mountain. On its peak, an ancient temple features an old roof with two dragons flanking a moon and an ancient tree expanding its canopy all year round by the beach of Duong Dong town.

+ Thom Islet: Here, you can dive to see coral reefs or visit many aquaculture farms and pearl farms of local people.

+ Tranh Waterfall: Flooded from June – September, the waterfall is a perfect place for camping and picnicking.

+ Da Ban Waterfall: Legend has it that rocks at the waterfall were seats of fairies whenever they traveled to the earth. Curved layers and layers run to the upper source.

+ Dai Beach: This beach is recognized as one of 10 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. Dai beach stretches 1,500m with lines of poplar trees along.

+ Coi Nguon Museum: The museum preserves more than 3000 antiques, including 300 precious bibliographies about Phu Quoc written in Han, Vietnamese, English and French scripts. You can also view products made of driftwood, a variety of souvenirs and pearls as well as visit traditional stilted-houses and the reserve area of hunting dogs with ridgebacks, sea eagles and falcons.

+ Phu Quoc Prison: Visit the prison to understand more about the history of Vietnam.

+ Sao Beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc with smooth, white sandy banks expanding more than 7km.

+ Ham Ninh Ancient Fishing Village: Local people here earn their living by catching pearls, sea cucumbers and crabs, which are also delicious dishes on the island.

+ Fish Sauce Manufacturers: Phu Quoc consists of over 100 fish sauce manufacturers. Guests can buy high quality fish sauce on the island for gifting.

+ Ho Quoc Pagoda: This is a newly-opened pagoda overlooking to a striking beach, near An Thoi town.

+ Rambutan Gardens: During June and July, rambutans are ripen in every gardens. You can see these gardens along the roads.

– Specialties:

Raw herrings, sea urchin, grilled blue bone fish, braised squids with fish sauce, dark green fish sour broth and crabs.

– Gifts

Fish sauce, myrtle wine, fresh seafood such as tuna, black pepper.


Con Dao – “Heaven on earth”

Con Dao was listed as one of 20 most mysterious islands in the world by Travel+Leisure magazine in 2011. Con Dao is about 97 sea miles from Vung Tau city of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

– Climate:

With sunny climate all year round, Con Dao becomes an ideal place for tourists. The temperature is about 240C.

– Transportation:

By airplane: It takes about an hour to fly from HCMC to Con Dao. Price: 1,000,000 – 1,500,000VND. The airport is about 12km from Con Dao center.

– By boat: It takes a night from Vung Tau to Con Dao. The boat departs at 5:00p.m at 400,000VND.

Taxis are not operated on the island. You should hire a motorbike at your guesthouse at 120,000VND/day.

– Accommodation:

+ Six Senses Con Dao Resort is about 10km from Con Dao National Park. This is the first five-star resort in Con Dao with 50 wooden villas stretching along 1.6km of the beach. Price: from 5,900,000 – 19,000,000VND++/night.

+ Normal hotels on the island are priced from 350,000VND/room. Some good hotels include Thanh Nien tourist site and Saigon Con Dao hotel.

– Famous attractions:

+ Dam Trau Beach: The beach is located near Co Ong airport with smooth white sandy banks and gentle waves. This is considered the most beautiful beach of Con Dao island.

+ Lo Voi Beach: along Ton Duc Thang street; suitable for families or groups.

+ An Hai Beach: about 10 minute from the center on foot. The beach is surrounded by mountains with calm and blue sea.

+ Dat Doc Beach: gulches run deeply into the shore create small, serene exotic beaches.

+ Ong Dung Primeval Forest: From Con Dao, you can travel to the west and experience a 20-minute trekking through Ong Dung primeval forest. Tropical green trees will take you to a beautiful beach at the end of the forest.

+ Bay Canh Islet: Going on a boat to visit Bay Canh islet, the second largest island among 16 islands in Con Dao archipelago. The islet is covered by a primeval forest. Remember to book a diving tour to view coral reefs.

+ Dam Tre Bay: The bay is surrounded by a mangrove forest with natural scenery. Here, guests can visit the forest and dive to see coral reefs and birds nesting in their mating season, along with a variety of other marine creatures.

+ Con Dao Museum: This used to be the home of the island’s lords. To the museum, you will have a chance to discover the history of the island via objects, antiques, images and documents stored from the French domination.

+ Other attracts: Phu Son prison, Phu Hai Con Dao, Tiger Cage, Hang Duong Cemetery (with the tombs of over 2000 revolitionary martyrs and Vo Thi Sau), Lady Phi Yen temple – the wife of King Nguyen Anh.

– Specialties:

Vu Nang snail, red grouper, lobster and oyster sauce. There are not many restaurants in Con Dao serving delicious dishes. Tri Ky restaurant at Nguyen Duc Thuan street offers fresh seafood and rice. Thu Ba restaurant at Con Dao market at Vo Thi Sau street serves seafood, rice, hot pots and porridge. You can also enjoy scrumptious dishes at Phuong Hanh restaurant in the small lane.

– Gifts:

A special gift on the island is malabar almond seeds. Price: 350,000VND/kg. In addition, tuna is also very fresh and cheap. You can pack these specialties and bring home.


Discovering Ho Coc

Situated at Bung Bien, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, about 175km from HCMC, Ho Coc is a favorite place of relaxation and picnic.

– Climate:

Ho Coc is located near Vung Tau’s sea and Ho Tram. The climate here is sunny all year round.

– Transportation:

You can take a bus from HCMC to Vung Tau, and then hire a motorbike to Ho Coc. Ho Coc is deserted and suitable for young men, who like backpacking. Ho Coc is an ideal destination for picnics at weekends. Saigonese people often travel to Ho Coc by tourist car and spend the whole day here.

– Accommodation:

Guests can stay at Binh Chau tourist site – Ho Coc or The Grand Ho Tram Strip, a posh resort about 4km from Ho Coc beach with various services, from golf course, classy entertaining areas and interesting activities to restaurants, swimming pools and spas. Price: 2,888,000VND++/night/2 people.

– Famous attractions:

+ Ho Coc beach is divided into two parts: a beautiful beach with surfing waves, heaven toads, which are heaped rocks on the beach, and a long, white sandy shore. In Ho Coc, you can view the sunrise with local people and enjoy fresh seafood that has just been caught by local people.

On a 500-meter beach with a forest on one side and the sea on the other side, you can discover a seaside tropical forest or try fishing. If you go camping, you can put up a tent in the cajuput forest as well as ride a bike or ox cart around the region.

+ You can visit Binh Chau tourist site – Ho Coc to bathe in the natural hot spring and relax.

– Specialties:

Local seafood such as fish, squid, oyster and crab.


Mui Ne – the capital of resorts

As a leading destination for beach vacations in Vietnam, Mui Ne of Binh Thuan province owns many luxurious hotels and resorts, along with many exciting sites.

– Climate:

Binh Thuan has a temperate climate with an average temperature of 250C. The best time to visit Mui Ne is from April to September. When coming here, remember to bring a thin coat because it may be cold at night.

– Transportation:

+ By train: You can take PT4 train to travel from Saigon to Phan Thiet and PT3 from Phan Thiet to Saigon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

+ By airplane: You can fly from Hanoi to HCMC, and then take a car to Phan Thiet at 150,000 – 250,000VND/ticket.

– Accommodation:

As an ideal destination in summer for tourists, Mui Ne owns many hotels and resorts such as Muine Unique Resort (only 3,465,000VND++/room/night for summer 2014); or Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa.

– Famous attractions:

+ Duc Thanh High School: at 39 Trung Nhi street, Phan Thiet. This school was founded by patriots in 1907 in the response to Duy Tan movement at Trung Ky.

+ Van Thuy Tu Palace: At Ngu Ong street, Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet stands a temple of Nam Hai or known as the Whale. The skeleton of the Whale kept in Van Thuy Tu palace with 22m in length and 65 tons in weight is regarded as the biggest skeleton in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

+ Rang Beach: about 15km from Phan Thiet city center in the North.

+ Rom Islet: It is a wild, small islet in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet. The water here is clean and clear with calm waves.

+ Poshanu Cham Tower: Located on Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, about 7km from Phan Thiet city center in the Northeast, the tower features refined art of architectural techniques and art of decoration of ancient Cham people.

+ Ghenh islet: About nearly 1km from Mui Ne, Ghenh or Lao islet is quite pristine. To travel to Ghenh islet, you can use transfer services of hotels or hire a boat of local people at 200,000VND/boat for 10 people for two ways.

+ Sand Hill in Mui Ne: The hill is called Sand Hill because its shape is changing every hour and day. The hill is composed of a fairy stream with beautifully red and pink colors.

+ Bau Sen (Lotus Pond): Located between Bau Ba and Bau Ong, Bau Sen is a favorite destination for those, who love adventures. You can ride a motorbike on the sand or sail a boat in the pond to view blooming lotus flowers.

+ Ke Ga Lighthouse: more than 100 years old. You can hire a boat or a coracle to visit Ke Ga lighthouse.

+ Ta Cu pagoda: Located near the 1A national road in Thuan Nam town (Ham Thuan Nam district), about 30km from Phan Thiet city in the South. If you like adventures and own a good health, you can conquer the mountain peak after 1000 stairs.

– Specialties: Rolled viscous girdle cake, girdle cake with local sauce, Phan Thiet rice spaghetti, crabs, Phan Thiet raw snail, Phan Thiet vermicelli and hotpot or lizard.


Nha Trang – the most beautiful beach of the world

For over 10 years, Nha Trang has been a rendezvous for beach lovers and couples, who are enjoying their honeymoon.

– Climate:

It is sunny all year round. Summer is the best time with less rain. The average temperature is 25, 260C. Do not forget to bring swimsuit and sunscreen.

– Transportation:

+ By airplane (Vietnam Airlines): It takes about an hour to fly from HCMC to Nha Trang. Price: over a million VND per ticket. From Hanoi, it takes about two hours at over two million VND per ticket. Cam Ranh airport is about 35km from the city center.

+ By passenger car: Passenger cars depart continuously from stations.

+ By train: You can take a train from Hanoi and HCMC to Nha Trang.

+ Hire a motorbike to travel within the city: 120,000VND/motorbike/day.

– Accommodation:

Hotels and resorts are set in four areas to serve different guests:

+ Classy accommodation: Four or five-star seaview hotels are located along Tran Phu street with restaurants, bars, cafes and cinemas. Price: From 800,000VND.

+ High-end hotels and resorts on Hon Tre and Hon Tam islets: Vinpearl Land, Merperle Hon Tam.

+ Accommodation services for foreign backpackers: around Hung Vuong and Biet Thu streets, small hotels from 300,000 – 500,000VND are on offer. Here, there are many restaurants, garment shops, bars, bookstores, massage centers and shops with bikes or motorbikes for hire.

+ Area for normal guests: Hotels from 200,000VND are located at Nguyen Chanh, Ngo Gia Tu, Yersin, Hoang Hoa Tham streets.

– Famous attractions:

+ Vinpearl Land: Located on Hon Tre islet, Vinpearl Land is known as the “paradise of the tropical region”. Apart from luxurious hotels, beautiful gardens and ideal freshwater ponds, Vinpearl Land also attracts guests with thrilling games and imposing 4D cinemas. Ticket: 450,000VND/adult; 350,000VND/child (1,0m – 1,4m). Guests can travel here by cable cars or canoe from Nha Trang city center.

+ Mun Islet: The islet owns a magnificent coral system, which was regarded as the most bio-diversified in Vietnam by World Wildlife Fund. Exciting activities: visiting floating bars, diving for coral reefs or going on board a glassy-based boat. You can take a boat to Cau Da tourist wharf, Nha Trang (you can also take a tour to four islands at 150,000VND/person) in about 5 hours.

+ Tam Islet: The islet covers about 110ha, about 7km from Nha Trang in the Southeast. In addition to immerse in the magnificent beach, guests can also discover the sea with a glassy-base boat or dive for coral reefs in about 3 hours.

+ Ninh Van Bay: About 60km from Nha Trang city, Ninh Van Bay located on Hon Meo peninsula is pristine and magnificent. The bay is suitable for those, who would like to look for the relaxation by the tranquil sea. In addition, you can also view coral reefs or join in an array of activities such as boardsurfing, waterskiing or kayaking. From Nha Trang, you can take a speedboat in about 20 minutes to this exotic bay.

+ Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography: Founded in 1923 at 1 Cau Da, the institute displays more than 20,000 objects of 4000 marina and freshwater creatures. Particularly, guests can also contemplate the huge whale’s skeleton, which is 26m long and 3m high with 48 vertebras.

+ Ponagar Tower: is an ancient architectural structure of Cham people. The tower, about 2km from Nha Trang in the North includes four towers, two temples, in which the biggest one was built to worship Goddess Ponagar.

+ Hon Chong – Hon Vo (Husband Islet – Wife Islet): about 3km from the city center in the Northeast. Hon Chong is a rocky complex with various shapes running from the high shore to the sea. Another smaller group of rocks at the hillfoot in the East is called Hon Vo. This is one of the best place to view the city.

+ Van Phong Bay: Located in Van Ninh district (Khanh Hoa), about 40km from Nha Trang city center in the North, the bay attracts guests with its untouched beauty.

+ Dam Market: The market displays a variety of local specialties, particularly dried seafoods.

Nha Trang Night Market: The market is located near the theater on Tran Phu street. It opens from 18:00 – 23:00 in weekdays.

– Specialties: Vermicelli with jelly fish, rice spaghetti, seafood.

– Gifts: seafood, birds’ nests.


Untouched Doc Let

After taking about 50km from Nha Trang city in the North, along the 1A National Road, you will arrive at Doc Let with white sandy beach and blue sky.

– Climate:

The best time to travel to Doc Let is from January to September.

– Transportation:

From Nha Trang, you can hire a motorbike and ride along Tran Phu street, then take Pham Van Dong street, turn right to Thap Ba street, turn right to Lac Thien street, turn left to Ton That Tung and turn right to the 1A National Road. You can also take a bus at Nha Trang station to Binh Tay, Ninh Hoa and stop at the 10 provincial road, about 1.5km from Doc Let tourist site.

– Accommodation:

About 20km from Doc Let beach, An Lam Ninh Van Bay resort is a charming hideout with the combination of modern and traditional styles. Featuring a private space, 35 seaview villas of the bay really enchants guests.

– Famous attractions:

On the way to Doc Let, you will pass by serene paddy fields and immense salt fields of local people.

There are many paths through local people’s house to the beach. Local people often go swimming at 5:30a.m – 8:00a.m. Follow them and they will take you to the beach.

In particularly, the beach at Doc Let is so shallow that both children and those, who cannot swim, can indulge in the sea. The sand is white and smooth and the water is blue but very salty.

After swimming, you can hire a shed on the beach and enjoy a variety of fresh seafood.

Near the beach, Banh It tower is a must-see site of this landscape.

– Specialties: If you would like to enjoy scrumptious and cheap dishes, you can travel to Hon Khoi wharf. In the morning, boats bring a wide selection of seafood here.

– Gifts: Apart from seafood, you can buy some mango cake, Dat seed and fish pie.


Enjoying yellow sunshine on Cua Dai Beach

About 7km from Hoi An ancient town and 30km from Danang city, Cua Dai is one of the most bustling beaches in Vietnam.

– Climate:

The climate at Cua Dai is comfortable. The best time to travel here is from March to September when it is sunny and the sea is blue.

– Transportation:

+ From Hoi An: You can hire a motorbike or bike at guesthouses and hotels to travel to Cua Dai. Price: 80,000VND/day for motorbike and 25,000VND/day for bike.

+ From Danang, you can take a bus in a half of hour from Danang station to Cua Dai. You can also hire a motorbike or take a taxi. The 40-km road along My Khe to Cua Dai is very beautiful.

– Accommodation:

Many hotels and resorts along the beach are on offer.

– Famous attractions:

Cua Dai with the long seashore, featuring white sandy banks, clean water and lines of poplar trees is a wonderful place for hanging out for the whole day.

Here, you can also visit Hoi An Ancient Town, a famous heritage site and discover many interesting things on Tran Phu street, Cau pagoda, go shopping and enjoy an array of luscious dishes.

In addition, guests can go on a boat on the Hoai river to view small villages by the stretching field.

Travel to Cham Islet, have lunch and bathe into the sea. On the way, you can dive for coral reefs and visit the marine museum. You can stay overnight on the islet or travel in the day.

My Son Holly Site is about more than 30km from Hoi An. You can hire a motorbike to visit the site.

Other attractions include Tra Que Vegetable Village, Kim Bong Woodworking Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village and Thanh Nam Fishing Village.

– Specialties: Quang noodles, Hoi An’s rice with chicken, Hoi An’s vermicelli, dumpling, fried mussels, girdle cake, Hoi An rice pancake folded in half, corn sweet soup and seafood.


My Khe – one of 6 most fascinating beaches on earth

It is the title that was recognized by Forbes magazine (America) in 2005. Located in Danang city, My Khe beach features a long shore and white sandy banks, along with a variety of exciting activities.

– Climate:

In Danang, it is sunny all year round. The best time to visit Danang is from April to September.

– Transportation:

+ By car: Guests can take a passenger car from Hanoi and HCMC to Danang. From Hanoi, cars often depart at 5:00p.m and arrive in Danang station at 8:00a.m on the following day. From HCMC, it takes about 10 – 12 hours.

+ By airplane: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and VietJet Air provide daily flights in about an hour from Hanoi and HCMC to Danang at 500,000VND – 1,500,000VND per ticket.

+ By train: Trains depart everyday from Hanoi and HCMC to Danang.

It takes about 15 minutes to go from Danang International Airport 3km from Danang station to the city center.

For traveling within the city, you can take a bus, taxi or hire a motorbike at 80,000VND/day.

– Accommodation:

Many hotels in the city and resorts along My Khe beach such as Pullman Danang Beach Resort are on offer for guests.

– Famous attractions:

+ Han River Bridge: It is the first swinging bridge of Vietnam built on the main path of Bach Dang street, linking Hai Chau district to Son Tra district.

+ Son Tra Peninsula: A mushroom-shaped peninsula of Son Tra district, about 10km from Danang city center in the Northeast.

+ Hai Van Mountain Pass: Stretching 20km in the border of Thua Thien Hue and Danang city. With the height of nearly 500m above the sea level, Hai Van mountain pass is known as the most beautiful and challenging path in Vietnam.

+ The Marble Mountains: About 7km from Danang city, the Marble Mountains locate at Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, near Non Nuoc tourist site. The Marble Mountains include five marble and limestone hills (named as five elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth)).

+ Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village: founded in the 18th century by artisan Huynh Ba Quat from Thanh Hoa province.

+ Ba Na Hill: About 40km from Danang city in the southwest. Ba Na features values of ecology and tourism. It is a national natural reserve.

+ Pham Van Dong Beach: This publich beach built at 12 billion VND has been attracting a large number of local people and tourists.

+ Nam O Reef: About 2km from Nam O village (Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu, Danang) in the Southeast. Nam O reef features various types of seaweeds and valuable marine creatures.

+ Cam Ne Mat Village: About 14km from Danang city in the Southwest. The village is famous for its mat making tradition with products used in the Nguyen’s court. Cam Ne flower mats are more enduring and softer than other villages’ mats.

+ Tuy Loan Ancient Village: About 15km from Danang city, along the 14B National Road. Tuy Loan ancient village is over 500 years old with its ancient communal house recognized as a historical, architectural and artistic national heritage.

– Specialties: Seafood, Salad flying fish eggs, My Khe’s “nậm” cake and Tuy Loan noodles.

– Gifts: dried beef, dried squid and fish sold in Con market and Han market.eight.