Enjoy the atmosphere of Hai Ly - Nam Dinh

Located in coastal area, Hai Ly (Hai Hau, Nam Dinh) seduces tourists with peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and Catholic churches every for the majority of Christian people there.

Hai Ly is separated from the sea by a long and firm dyke. Outside the dyke are a marina and a church nearly falling down because of waves. About 20 years ago, this area existed a pretty and poetic village with unique churches. Then, the sea level rises make the village move backward.


The last few years, there stood 2 tilting churches but now only one still stands and another fell down for waves. This is also the place for boats to return after a night fishing offshore and for busily trading sea-products. A bustling and lively market in the early morning goes on with bright smiles and throbbing sounds.

People in Hai Ly stick to the sea and glorious dawns. In the days of calm sea, local people do fishing by walking on stilts, which creates a fantastic picture of the sea at dawn.


Every day, they mend the net, repair the boat and prepare for their voyages. Women make salt right behind the dyke. Children there are very good and lovely, and often help their parents whenever they can. On Sunday afternoon, Hai Ly residents gather in church to practice Christian rituals. I accompany with them. Not a Catholic, I still feel happiness and peace in their mind.

I follow them as usual to take poetic pictures myself.


Further information:

– Hai Ly is situated 40km far from Nam Dinh city to the east. From Nam Dinh, go along 21 NW, turn left about 2km from Con town, you can get to Hai Ly.

– 15km away from Hai Ly along the south coast is Thinh Long resort with the full range of hotels and restaurants.