Hanoi weather by month

Many people take it for granted that Vietnam is a tropical country, which can be translated into a year-round over-heated weather. In fact, Hanoi has four seasons and each month differs from another in terms of humidity, temperature and of course, seasonal fares. Hanoi weather is way too exciting to miss. 


Hanoi Climate is pretty typical for northern climate characterized by tropical monsoon with hot and rainy summer, cold and dry winter.
Located in the tropical area, Hanoi receives a huge amount of solar radiation all year. The average annual temperature is 23,6°C, the highest temperature can meet in June (35°C), the lowest is January (10°C). Hanoi has a large amount of humidity and rainfall. The average humidity is 79%. The average annual rainfall is 1.800mm and there are about 114 rainy days each year.

Hanoi weather is shown obviously through the change of seasons and typical hot and cold weather. From May to September is hot and rainy season, the average temperature is 29,2°C. From November to March characterize the dry and cool weather, the average temperature is 15,2°C. Between the two main seasons, there are two periods of transition (April and October). So it can be said that Hanoi has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Four seasons have a great influence to the change of landscapes, each season have its own highlights to visit.

The spring in Hanoi runs from February to April, characterized with humid and wet weather with frequent drizzles. The average temperature is from 15°C to 20°C. This time is favorable for the growth of plant and flowers to blossom especially peach a symbolic flower of spring. Spring is the best time to see the beauty of tropical landscapes and nature. Spring is also the time for Tet holiday- the most important and longest festival of Vietnamese people.

The summer in Hanoi runs from May to August (Typical with July the hottest month) with very hot and the high average temperature (around 30°C). Since global warming has become a more and more serious problem, the temperature in Hanoi has risen up in some recent years. The weather in Hanoi now is unpredictable, however, the summer in Hanoi is generally dry and may be wet with high humidity in the air. The unexpected heavy rains are typical of Hanoi’s summer, so if you plan to trip in and around Hanoi, please double check that you bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Moreover, it is not strange if you catch a very hot weather during day, but a wet thunderstorm and heavy rains in the afternoon or evening!

Fall is considered as the most pleasant time and romantic time to travel to Hanoi. This season lasts from September to November with the average temperature of 25°C. Hanoi’s autumn is beautiful even go into poetry and many literature works, characterized with warm sunlight, cool and dry weather.

The cold winter in Hanoi usually runs from December to February with the average temperature of 17°C. However, in the coldest time the temperature may drop to below 10°C along with a high base of humidity that will make the Hanoi weather bitter cold. Bring some warm clothes is recommended when visiting Hanoi in winter months. That is not all about Hanoi’s winter, this time is also good time for Vietnam culinary tours, taste many delicious street foods is extremely hard to resist, a best way to warm you up in chilly days.


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