Da Tien – A place for tranquility seekers

Da Tien (fairy stone) Tourist Area in the Central Highlands Province of Lam Dong has emerged as a destination for those who look for tranquility and peace in mind after a week of hard working.


Around this time, cool weather and flowers welcome tourists to the 15-hectare tourist area, which is about 10 kilometers from the center of Da Lat City and located in the area of Tuyen Lam Lake. They will feel at ease with a romantic ambience of small thatched-roof houses on stilts, orchids, hydrangea flowers, grass and pines that are reflected in the crystal clear water of the lake.


In the afternoon, breezes blow through the rows of pines and rustle the foliage, creating a piece of melodious music. A nostalgic scene comes when sunlight glistens the water surface of the lake and sunset pervades the tourist area.

Many people feast their eyes on the picturesque scenes of Da Tien in the late afternoon. It is a memorable experience for visitors to sit leisurely in front of one of the thatched-roof houses to listen to the sound of breezes gently blowing through pines and enjoy food specialties of Da Lat such as fresh salad and grilled wild boar.


Many guests option to take a swim in the warm water of Tuyen Lam Lake, grill corns and sweet potatoes, and boil eggs when staying overnight in Da Tien.

Source: SGT