Exploring the mountains to find yellow wildflowers

While November is the time for Tam Giac Mach flowers in the North West, it is also the season for yellow daisies in the Highland. I borrow the title of a famous poem by Pham Thien Thu to describe the attractiveness of the golden colors adorning the hills of the Highlands. Besides famous and familiar Dalat, let’s discover a new itinerary with Bong Lai, Tu Tra and Bao Loc.

In a journey to find new destinations for travelers, I am fascinated and lose myself amongst the sloping paths covered with red fertile basalt soil. While travelling on this arduous path, I feel like I am awash in a sea of wild yellow daisies. The flowers are so beautiful, the wet early morning dew sparkling like diamonds. I am astoundedwhen I realize I am standing in a landscape of golden sunshine and yellow flowers.


Evening arrives, and I am pleasantly intoxicated by the large earthenware wine jars whilst watching dancing in Jil village. After receiving a ring of wild daisies given to me by the girls, I attentively listen to a legend about these flowers. Yellow daisies are related to a sad love story of K’lang and beautiful H’linh. At that time, the mountains and forests admired the talent of K’lang – a brave man who professed his love to H’linh – the most beautiful girl in the area. She accepted his love. However, their happiness did not last for long. They died in a brutal jealous retaliation by LaRihn – the son of La Sieng village’s patriarch who governed a village nearby.


In admiration of H’linh’s beauty, La Rihn brought with him a lot of gongs and precious  gifts to convince her to marry him. But H’linh reserved her love only for K’lang and wove a cloth for him to show her love. Consumed with resentment, La Rihn kidnapped K’lang while he went hunting in the forest. H’linh kept waiting for K’lang and sensed there was something wrong. H’linh left the village to find him. She crossed many hills, mountains and springs. Finally, she came acrossK’lang, who lay dying from poisoned spears La Rihn has pierced him with. She determined to protect her loverin his final moments. K’lang died with H’linh tightly holding him in her arms. She was then executed by La Rihn out of his jealousy.


Since that time, at the burial place of the couple, wild flowers have been growing there. They thrive and blossom in late autumn – the time when the couple died. Wild daisies haves represented the sad love story of people in the Highland area since then.

At first glance, wild daisies look are shaped like sunflowers. Compared with other species such as peaches, roses, lilies and orchids, daisies do not look glamorous. They are wild flowers growing in nature without people’s care. This flower holds different names in the varying regional dialects. It has other names such as “sơn quỳ”, “quỳ dại” or“cúc quỳ” because it originates from a kind of Mexican daisy. One interesting thing about this kind of flower is that it only lives and grows in high mountains where green forests are swathed in early morning clouds. Anyone who has experienced Highland’s winter feels that in such a cold mountainous area, the sight of such fields of yellow flowers can warm the heart.


In this season, when visiting the mountain city of B’lao (Bao Loc), Di Linh or wandering on winding paths leading to the Dambri fall and the plateau of Duran, TuTra and Bong Lai, you will be hypnotized by the beautiful vista of wild golden daisies welcoming the sunlight. Early in the morning, the daisies sit shyly and sleepily in a carpet of fog. As the Sun rises up, the flowers burst forth in full blossom,bathing the mountain with their color. However, as sunset is signaled by fading golden rays, the flowers become dreamy and romantic again in the whispering majesty of the mountain.

If you have never experienced visiting this land of yellow wildflowers, it is never too late to take a trip to the Highlands, from Lam Dong to DakNong, Dak Lak and Kon Tum, and then to Sa Thay, Mang Den and Ngoc Hoi. You will have a wonderful experience going through such mountain passes, with golden daisies blossoming as far as the eye can see.


In the chilly early wind, the Highlands tremble before the immense splendour and breathtaking space filled with wild daisy blossoms. The stretches of flowers from Road 19 of Binh Dinh up to Gia Lai are like a giant green carpet scattered with innumerable golden flowers. These enchanting vistas accompany you to the tourist sites surrounding Bien Ho and continue to base of the mountain Ham Rong. These stretches of daisies entice people who have come here to remain.

Additional information:

+ The journey to the Highland’s daisy hills

– Lam Dong: Bao Loc – Dambri waterfall – Bong Lai – TuTra – Chau Son – Dran – Xuan Truong – Trai Mat – Da Lat. In addition, visitors can enjoy the scenery with daisies along the way to Lien Khuong airport and to ThacVoi in Da Lat.

– DakNong: The destination which has the most daisies is 10 kilometers from Sai Gon travelling on road 14.

+What to take: In this season, there is often unexpected rain. So make sure you bring with you a raincoat and clothes to keep you warm. Your backpacks should be waterproof. If you plan to camp in the forest, you should bring with you a sleeping bag, a waterproof tent and a flashlight.

+ Accommodation: you can stay at such hotels as Hai Van, Huynh Gia Bao and Minh Quan. Prices range from 150.000 to 250.000 VND / room for 2 people.

Hotels in Da Lat: most of the hotels here are along Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Phan Dinh Phung roads. Prices range from 200.000 VND to 250.000/ room/ 2 people.

+ Transportation:

– From Ho Chi Minh City you can travel by high class coach companies such as Phuong Trang, ThanhBuoi and Mai Linh. Prices range from 230.000 VND – 250.000 VND/person.

– You need to bring with you a sleeping bag, a waterproof tent and a flashlight.

Text & Photo: Hai An – Le Phuc – Vntravellive