Flower garlands and colored lanterns on river at Saigon night


During the Tet holiday, the festival of flower garlands and colored lanterns on the Saigon river has become a highlight of the city that has been attracting a large number of visitors. It seem to colourful the Saigon night.

The festival revives the atmosphere of the bustling river life of Ben Nge – ancient Saigon. The Saigon estuary and Nha Rong wharf are special places for fireworks during the Tet festival.

During the festival, the sparkling and mysterious colors are reflected on the water while flower garlands and colored lanterns are floating along the river. Each flower boat brings a historical feature of the ancient Saigon and Southern region: traditional aodai, turbans, boatmen in Southern fitting blouses sailing boats full of fruits to represent the daily life of floating markets in the South. On New Year’s Eve, at Saigon night, the remarkable lotus flowers, the national flower of Vietnam, enchant all coming guests.


The color of the flower garlands and lanterns on the Saigon night river express the romantic and charming look of the modern city. It also conveys the message of a happy and lucky new year to local people and visitors.