Hanoi weather in December - What to expect if you travel?

December is one of the coldest months in Hanoi. The temperature in this time of the year dramatically drops to 18-19o C with dry climate and drizzles sometimes.


Do you feel the ice wrapping your body? Then definitely visit the Hanoi during the months of December. The temperature during this period ranges from 18 to 19 degree Celsius. You should also note down that the relative humidity is 67 % only. In addition to this, you will definitely get the feel of the chilling air, but during this time the weather is dry so no problem in sauntering with your beloved.

December Weather Summary for Hanoi







Max Temperature

24 °C / 75 °F

20 °C / 68 °F

17 °C / 62 °F


Mean Temperature

21 °C / 70 °F

17 °C / 62 °F

14 °C / 57 °F


Min Temperature

19 °C / 66 °F

14 °C / 57 °F

9 °C / 48 °F



Wind Speed

21 mph

11 mph

3 mph


Other Information


100 %

68 %

19 %



6 miles

4 miles

0 miles


Note:  Temperatures can drop to a cold (yes, really, it is cold) 10 degrees Celsius and reach an almost balmy 20 degrees Celsius. Ten degrees in Hanoi is a lot colder than you might expect: the humidity, wind chill factor and lack of building insulation and heating can make it feel much chillier. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad time to come, as humidity is lower than at other times of year, rainfall is lower and skies are often bright blue — plus you might hit a 20-degree day, and that’s a great temperature for exploring the sights of the city on foot. 


What to expect if you travel to Hanoi in December:

See: Hanoi is beautiful in December, that is to say for sure. You will enjoy the cool air (though it gets biting cold from time to time), dry weather (no sweat involved!). Without rain, it is ideal to take a stroll along the tree-lined boulevards and watch Hanoians flip by. Suggested places to visit during December in Hanoi include: Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, to name a few.


Eat: Do not expect a variety of fruits in Hanoi at this time of the year - most good bites come in summer time (take a look at Hanoi seasons). However, the slightly cold weather makes it great to dine at steamboat or grill restaurants.  


Pack: Bring scarf if you are not acquainted with the cold. And a waterproof jacket would be ideal for winter in Hanoi. If you plan to travel up north, it is strongly recommended to do so. 



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