Sapa weather - Find your best time for best experience

Thanks to its geographic condition, Sapa has one of the most favorable climates in Vietnam. The temperature remains stably cool throughout the year.

Sapa weather features highly seasonal, with extremely cold, wet, cloudy and foggy climate during the winter and a subtropical climate in the summer. The average temperature for Sapa town is often15.4ºC, with a maximum of 29.4ºC and a minimum of 1ºC.

As well as, Sapa is a marked wet season from May to September, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in July and August. The weather is always notorious for changing quickly and frequently. Thus, people say that coming to Sapa, we can experience 4 different seasons within only one day.

Sapa weather summary by month


Weather features


Coldest month, cloudy, foggy but not too wet. Become better from early days and gets worse to the latter half of the month.


Very cold in early days, cloudy, foggy and get warmer & better towards later days.


Much nicer and warmer than Feb with more sunshine


Summer starts with dry, clear, warm enough


Start rainy season with quick shower occasionally, clear sky with more sunshine but little bit warm in the open at noon.


Warm but not as hot like other region. Clear sky, much sunshine but summer shower get more but not too wet


Among the 2 worst months of the year caused by summer shower


The month of some typhoons and rains in North Vietnam


Autumn starts, get drier and normally very nice towards the end of the month.


Cool, dry, sunshine almost every day, clear sky


Cooler, dry. Maybe misty and foggy towards the end but nice


Wet winter starts and get worse at the later days of the month.


With the prominent features, the best time to visit Sapa is from March to May and from September to early December and it is entirely possible to enjoy a trekking trip to Sapa and the surrounding mountain ranges all year round. September is the harvesting season in Sapa so get your camera charged in full or else you will regret every single step you walk. 

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