The excellent martial art of Binh Dinh


Talking about the unique tourism “brand” of Vietnam, while Da Lat may have a Flower festival, Binh Dinh hasa martial arts festival … The second event quickly became international, with the participation of thousands of masters and students from many countries around the world, to see the appeal of traditional martial arts of Binh Dinh. It also demonstrates the viability of “heroic mettle of Tay Son, of Vietnam”; with Tay Son as the cradle of the country’s martial arts.

Every two years, since the first event held in 2006, each International traditional martial arts festival in Binh Dinh is an opportunity to “return” to the land of masters, students and those who love Vietnamese traditional martial arts in the country and around the world. Most recently, the 6thInternational festival of Vietnamese traditional martial arts in Binh Dinh drewclose to 1,500 masters and studentsfrom 69 delegations across 27 countries and territories with 28 martial arts groups in the country. Regardless of color, regardless of nationality, all blendedin theirlove for martial arts, performing great martial arts from each school in the spirit of exchange and learning.


Following history, along with the time and the interference between the sects, the primacy of individual crystalline martial arts, the Tay Sonera  (1778 – 1802), Vietnamese traditional martial arts reached its zenith, built into the system for martial arts training, contests, fighting against foreign invaders. It is touching to witness the masters; student unions from French, Italian, and Russian … lighting incense, reverently bowed before the shrine of Tay Son Tam Kiet. The love and attraction of Vietnamese traditional martial arts is the driving force that helps them overcome geographical distance and language to converge at this martial arts festival in Binh Dinh –the birthplace of the hero Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, the emperorworshipped as the founder by generations of Vietnamese traditional martial arts schools.


Thanks to efforts to upgrade the infrastructure of the school and the building of roads to the famous Binh Dinh province, the international martial arts groups have the opportunity to exchange performances during the festival, which opens the potential to develop a new type of tourism: martial travel!

People can see master Phan Tho (Xishan) who, at the age of 80, stilldemonstrates his powerful art! Street rod Thuan, an ancient legend, and the old famous master can also be seen along Lake Wanderer.


The ladies from Hoa My village, Binh Thuan, Tay Son district, performingrod performances during the international exchange meeting in Ho Sung martial art clubremind the viewers of the famous song in the old time Roi Thuận Truyền, quyền An Thái! Hay Trai An Thái, gái An Vinh(An Nhon) (Thuan Truyen rod, An Thai! Or men from An Thai, women from An Vinh). Martial arts school Le Xuan Canh (An Nhon) with their students acting as pawns in the “People chess” match is a unique creation;As martial artis found in  literature,literature is also found in the martial arts of Binh Dinh. Temple monks from Long Phuoc pagoda, Tuy Phuoc districts,praying all days suddenly become martial masters with excellent skills,fillingviewerswith surprise and admiration. The endless applauses and cheers forflying performancesof the masters from International Italian Tinh Vo Dao at Long Phuoc Pagoda Club. (These photos have won the second prize of the Pictorial Photography United States – PSA 2012 [note: Travellive]).

  • Ai về Bình Định mà coi
  • Con gái Bình Định bỏ roi đi quyền.
  • (Come to Binh Dinh to see,
  • Binh Dinh girls performing martial arts)

The ancient folk song is a unique symbol of the martial spirit of the Binh Dinh people.


And it’s easy to understand why Valeriya Ryabova, from Tinh Vo Dao sect (Russia), crowned Miss International Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts 2012 at the closing ceremony of the International Festival of Vietnamese traditional martial arts, states: “the attraction and spiritual factors when coming to the land considered as the cradle of Vietnamese traditional martial arts for the first time brings motivation to me to take part in the next 3 festivals.”