Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolles – Taste of Vietnam

Vietnamese Banh Cuon Steam Rice Rolls is a top of Vietnam cuisine. This dish could be the best dish made from Rice Flour of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolles is the food that will come to any Vietnamese mind and it is said to be the best style with the food stalls that you can find in any Hanoi Food Tour.

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls is the best rice dish in Vietnam

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls is the best rice dish in Vietnam

Banh Cuon is a kind of roll made from thin steamed rice flour, eating it when it is still wet, filling with stuffing of rice dumpling inside (In case not stuffing of rice dumpling inside call wet roll). Banh Cuon is often served with diluted fish sauce. And if it is traditional rolls, it is integral with belostomatid oil in fish sauce and often eat with pork bologna.

How to cook

Banh Cuon before put stuffing of rice dumpling into: you need to choose delicious rice, mill finely, and mix it with water. Place the steamer, stretch thin fabric over mouth of pot. Each time, put a small flour spoon; remove all the surface of the fabric so the leaf of Banh Cuon will be thin, can dab a little extra fat to easily retrieve.

Making Vietnamese Banh Cuon Steamed rice roll

Making Vietnamese Banh Cuon Steamed rice roll

After roll is well done, use big chopsticks or bamboo to put into the plate. This time, you can roll extra meat, shrimp, black mushroom and hash, fried mushrooms cooked with spices such as fish sauce, sprinkle pepper. Using fried aromatic onion and sauce, served with sour, spicy, salty, and sweet enough.

Some Vietnamese steamed rice rolls styles

1.Steamed Rice Rolls with meat inside

The most common way to eat and make Banh Cuon from the local Vietnamese restaurants is Steamed Rice Rolls with meat inside.

Vietnamese Steamed rice roll in common serve

Vietnamese Steamed rice roll in common serve

2.Banh Cuon at Thanh Tri ward

Thanh Tri Banh Cuon is a famous food of Hanoians, is a specialize of Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. This roll is made from aromatic rice; leaf of roll is this as a paper.


Banh cuon as Thanh Tri ward style in Hanoi

Thanh Tri Banh Cuon does not have stuffing of rice dumpling, often is arranged in layers inside a basket, cover by leafs of banana. Sellers commonly wear a basket over head, sell on the street of Hanoi. When meeting the buyers, the seller will put basket down and sell it. roll was served with fish sauce depend on the sellers, you can eat with cinnamon rolls, pork sausage, coriander and so on.

3.Banh Cuon at Lang Kenh (Kenh Village)

Lang Kenh (Nam Dinh) has its private secret on making steamed rice rolls and often hands down this job for daughter in law in their family. Rice of roll flour usually makes by Moc Tuyen. The leaf of roll is truthly thin, even more than the Banh cuon Thanh Tri.

Kênh village steamed rice rolls

Kênh village steamed rice rolls

Kenh village's people do not bring Banh Cuon to sell on the street. They only sit at on store on the street or stall in the market to sell this special one.

4.Banh Cuon at Lang Son province

Lang Son egg Banh Cuon only includes chicken egg, Chinese braised lean meat and broth is cooked from tibia and spices, onion, pepper and chili. Many restaurants in Lang Son use Chinese braised pork with more spicy.

Vietnamese Steamed rice rolls with Egg in Lang Son province

Vietnamese Steamed rice rolls with Egg in Lang Son province

Chicken eggs are steamed inside roll leaf, under-cooked enough to make a thin film around the yolk, help eggs not broken. Users must not pick Banh Cuon, must put the soup over roll. When eating, users will clever put piece of this roll into the mouth and try to the yolk of egg break in the mouth, mixed with storage meat water and storage meat still is hot and delicious.

5.Banh Cuon at Hai Duong province

Steamed rice rolls in Hai Duong province

Steamed rice rolls in Hai Duong province

Hai Duong delicious Banh Cuon is a kind of roll made in Han Giang and Bac Son tower. This roll is, the sprinkle fat water and onion. This roll is put inside a banana basket, insulation plastic, so when eating the roll still is hot. When eating, you must use your hand to peel off each leaf of bread, cut into small enough pieces to put into the mouth. The sauce is made by a delicious fish sauce with different seasoning to make a sauce bowl with special aroma.

Vietnamese Steamed rice rolls overseas

The Pho Banh cuon restaurant in Paris​​​​​​​

The Pho Banh cuon restaurant in Paris

In Europe, Vietnam Banh Cuon - Steamed Rice Rolls is sold in the restaurants of Vietnamese with a slightly different way. Crust of roll is often made in a pan instead of steamed over boiling water.

This food is quite famous in some food magazine as the featured dishes of Vietnam and get a lot recommend of tourist.                                                          

We hope that this article will be useful for you to know about the most famous Vietnamese dish: Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls.

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